Em Client is sending my email to trash even though I did not blacklist them

Em Client latest free version 6. (something) is trashing my emails that I am not even blacklisting.  It isn’t my provider.  It isn’t my email account.  It’s em client. I saw another post that this is happening to., with perhaps 253 people complaining about the same problem.  There is definitely a bug.  How can I resolve this

I use gmail and it is always and only gmail that sends messages to junk.  eM Client does not have a spam filter, so it can’t do it.  The only exception is that if your provider marks the header of the email as spam, then eM Client will do it.

As a test, use only your webmail for a few days and see if it still happens.

so sorry I am running version 7.  it is sending messages to trash.  I accidentally said junk but it is sending my emails to trash even though I did not blacklist them

i have used my webmail to read email and it didnt do it on webmail

My friend is having the same problem.  and he is running PRO and created a ticket for the same question.  there is a serious bug perhaps