em client is not sending emails.

This email software was working great until yesterday. Nothing that I sent out went out. It shows up in the sent folder, but no one is getting emails from me.

Try to send an email directly to me at wilson@emclient.com

I am having a problem with one of my accounts sending and receiving e-mails. I am using the free version of eMClient, I have three mail accounts. One account is disabled, and the other two accounts are enabled. When I send and receive, only one account works. There are no error messages. The mail I try to send for the problem account goes to the Outbox and sits there. When I run the diagnostic tests for the problem account, both the POP3 and SMTP tests are successful. I have restarted the eMClient software several times, but that problem remains. Please help. Thanks!

Free license is limited to 2 mail accounts only. If you want to use more than 2 accounts you will have to purchase PRO version.