eM Client is not following the Google new Security standard. Why?

I have got a notification from Google 
I had to enable less secure apps

Why is your company not able to keep up with the new security standards ?

Less secure apps can be disabled when using OAuth. Why did you enable them?

If I did not allow this, eM Client would not read the my Gmail

Gary are working for eM ? Are you IT? Cause you don’t seem to know how eM client reads the gmail

Maybe someone else can also comment on this, but with OAuth, you do not have to enable less secure apps. That is the whole point of that security implementation.

Can you see this OAuth in my google account? 

If I remove access as below, then I cannot read my gmail. You got it?

That is not less secure apps. If you scroll down further you will find that option. Turn  off access for less secure apps, and you will still be able to connect.

You are right, I don’t work for eM Client. What do I know.

I respectfully withdraw permanently from this forum.

Gary is not our staff worker but he was correct - you do not need to allow access to less secure apps to have eM Client work.
Our oAuth implementation is up to date, you would not be able to login at all of it was otherwise.

I believe the message is just a warning from Google which percieves any external program login as at least low-risk. Google can only ensure complete security for their own apps.
The message in your original post even reads “It’s safe to keep giving these apps or services access if you trust and use them”.

So, please disable access to less secure apps again. If there are any error messages in eM Client, copy them and post them here instead of assuming that we do not follow Google security standards.

Hello Gary,
while I understand your decision to leave forum I am very sad to see you leave.
Thank you for all the provided help here until now.

I have the same issue with Google regarding eMclient seen as a less secure app. EM will not work on my gmail.com account unless I disable Google block on less secure apps.

I tested using an email  to myself. With the block on, my email message test is stuck in the send box.
As soon as I take the google bloc off, the email flows out and in.

I am using  eM Ver 6.0.20648.0 which I obtained originally from SoftMaker.

Please advise on what I should do.

Edward, if you are using POP3, you have to enable less secure apps.

If you are using IMAP as Titus is, you need to upgrade eM Client for this to work.