em Client is great !

Even though I moved to Linux as my primary private OS quite a while ago I am still using Windows occasionally. All the time I am using em Client (I have a lifetime license) I am amazed and impressed. In fact em Client is my IMHO one of the best email Programs on the market if not the best. I have not yet tried em Client in an professional environment (since my company uses Outlook) but for all what I have seen in my private environment em Client is the best eMail Program around. Today I tried encryption with my old existing gpg keys and it worked like a charme. - Please continue your good work with em Client.

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Thank you for your kind words.
We’re especially happy that you are satisfied with the eM Client’s encryption feature.

And if you would like to recommend eM Client in your company, please note that eM Client for businesses can significantly reduce the company’s costs.
If you’d like to know more, contact us at [email protected]


I have been converting many of my customers to EM Client which has helped to spread the word regarding its existence and many of my business customers are moving to the pro version from the likes of Outlook. However, I am expected to support my many free licence holders and getting replies to problems via the new forum is both time consuming and frustrating hopefully waiting for someone to come up with a resolution to a problem. Whereas before issues were quickly resolved by EM Support. So I may have to stop recommending EM Client to my customers and look for something like Thunderbird which seems to be quite easy to repair without the need to visit forums.

Not “one of” the best… it IS the best :slight_smile:

Although not without glitches, i find this one of the most useful pieces of software that i’ve ever used. Have been using eM Client now since version 6, after giving up on Outlook, Thunderbird, and several others over the years.

eM Client seems to share a past with Softmaker Office, which i recommend as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

@Brian_King1 - Support is better when you pay for the software … coffee is not free and developers drink a lot of it :slight_smile:


Agreed. Other than some issues with my theme getting trashed I’m quite impressed with emClient v8.

Yes, eM Client is the best. But it is the best of the only one. Is there other mail client, which support contact and calendar synchronization (CalDav/CardDAV)? There is no other way for Kerio/IceWarp clients.

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Unfortunately, I recommend EM Client to my customers who cannot hack Outlook etc - but I cannot force them to upgrade from the FREE version. As a result I get all the bad feedback and errors to deal with. I think I will stop recommending it and persuade them to use Office 365 which is another package that’s not without its faults. I’m afraid there is not a lot of value for money in the software anymore.