eM Client is GREAT! How do I import my messages from incredimail to eM Client?

I was wondering if you could help me?
I am in the process of importing all my messages from previous mail clients into eMClient. How do I import message from incredimail into eMClient.

I think the only possible way is to use an utility for saving incredimail messages as .eml files and then use the option “Import messages from .eml files” in eM Client.

Thanks for the quick reply George.

Is there any way eM Client can put it in their import / export function?
I have tried a link posted on this site regarding same issue, but no luck.

Any suggestions on where I can find such an utility?



I am afraid that it is not possible. Could you please copy here the link? I will forward it to our developers and maybe we find a workaround.

Hi George

Attached is the link to a program supposed to convert imcredimail files to .eml,
but I cannot get it to work. Not sure how to use it.




Try to find more info here: http://www.google.cz/url?sa=t&rct=j&q…