eM Client is deleting and trashing all of my emails. It is creating random empty folders and I've lost everything!!

eM Client is deleting and trashing all of my emails.  It is creating random empty folders and I’ve lost everything!! It has also corrupted the Outlook *.pst file so I cannot access backed up data either.

Hello Andy,
eM Client is not able to make any of these changes on its own, do you have any rules set up that could be causing this? Either in eM or on your mail server?
Do you access your emails from any other device?
What email account does this happen on?


Hi Olivia,

My email account is [email protected].  When I first installed eM Client it adopted all of my Outlook files, folders, contacts and emails; however it appears to have corrupted the *.pst file as I can no longer open it.  I changed my host server at the weekend and deleted the email settings to add the new details, eM Client deleted, no only the account but every thing associated with it.  There are weird files in the mail side panel:

Hi Andy,
that is not a correct way to migrate data.
It sounds like you either had IMAP account and didn’t save any of your data locally in eM Client to transfer them later to your new host (IMAP just synchronizes to your server, so if you deleted the data from server, eM Client cannot sync to them again) or you had your account set up as POP and deleted the account, deleting your local data.
You should have either saved your data to your Local folders first before changing the host server or set up your account anew with the new host and then dragging the messages from old account to new.
As for the New folders - those are probably some default ones on your new host server and eM Client synchronized to them. eM Client can never create or delete files without your action or permission.
Same goes for changing any files other than the eM Client database. eM Client just reads from the PST file, it does not change it in any way - the corruption must have occurred during some transfer or changing of the file. How are you trying to open the PST file?