EM Client is contantly syncing

EM Client is syncing and brining in old deleted messages from 2014-2015!  What is going on?

Lots of us have the same problem, but nobody is answering.  See this post:

I’v asked this in the other topic as well:

Do you by any chance use other devices (smartphones, PC, Mac or similar) to fetch/read your emails?

Does your provider have a web interface to acces you inbox? If so are the e-mail unread, too? Btw, the name of your provider is? Hotmail perhaps?


Well, in my particular case, I use Comcast (POP3) as my ISP.  I can read my email online at Comcast if I want, but because I use eMClient, I don’t go onto the Comcast email directly, and the emails on the Comcast server remain as “unread” unless I go in and mark them read. Marking them as read on eMClient does not mark them as read on the Comcast server, and marking them as read on the Comcast server does not mark the ones I have already downloaded to eMClient as read.  I am assuming this is because once I download the email to eMClient, I am accessing it from my hard drive rather than from the Comcast server.

Comcast also has an app for my Android phone where I can read my email on my smartphone. In this case, if I mark an item as read on my smartphone, it shows up as read on the Comcast server, and vice versa. This makes sense because the smartphone app is directly accessing my email from the Comcast server, and they are tied together. When eMClient does its next sync, that same email that I already read on my smartphone is downloaded because even though it was read on my smartphone, it was NOT read on eMClient, and it downloads it as unread, exactly like it should.

I never change my settings.  That is why this intermittent problem of the multiple downloads is perplexing.  The last time it happened, eMClient downloaded ALL of my email (inbox, deleted, trash, etc.) for the past three or four months. The mail marked as unread on Comcast was downloaded twice to eMClient. The mail marked already read on Comcast also downloaded to eMClient, and showed as unread on eMClient. Apparently, for some reason eMClient thought that none of these emails were already read, and the ones that were ACTUALLY no read go downloaded twice.

Once I spent hours and hours of going through all of the emails on eMClient to clean it all up again, it is once again downloading things the way it is supposed to, and just downloading unread mail that was NOT already downloaded to emClient, even if it still shows as unread on the Comcast server. EmClient remembers which emails it already downloaded as unread, apparently.  Why it suddenly loses its memory and downloads all these old emails is a mystery, and I hope the eMClient staff can figure it out.

I have recommended this program to my friends, but after hearing about this glitch, they are no longer interested in using the program.

Sorry this is so long, but wanted to include as much info as possible.


I cannot be certain from the information provided, but I would presume that you have set up your POP3 account to leave a copy of your messages on the server. If so, you are correct that anything that you do to your downloaded copy takes place on your local machine and does not affect the server copy. So, when you delete a message, you delete it locally and it is left “unread” on your server. Is that what you want to do? Don’t you want it also to be gone from the server when you delete locally? If so, changer your POP3 account to “not leave a copy on the server”. Better yet, and especially so if you are going to read messages on multiple devices, change your account type to IMAP protocol.

The only thing deficient in this analysis is that I cannot explain why the problem is intermittent and does not happen all the time. So, perhaps I’m off base.


Yes, I do have my POP3 account set to leave a copy on the server. I have it that way on the off-chance I delete something by accident from eMClient, so I can go back and retrieve it. On a few occasions in my haste I hit shift-delete on the wrong email. Maybe I should switch to just hitting delete and clean out the delete folder later.

Comcast just recently is offering the IMAP protocol.  Up until this it was POP3 only.  I’m thinking about switching over.

I agree, the only thing that doesn’t make sense is the intermittent problem, and I see it happening with several users here.  Too bad they are not all in the same thread to make it clearer just how often it happens.



When you delete a record it should go into your trash folder and stay there until the trash folder is emptied either by you or after a set time by your ISP. With POP3 protocol the trash folder should be on your local machine so your ISP or mail service has nothing to do with it.You can then retrieve accidentally deleted records by transferring them from your trash folder to your inbox. So you really don’t need to retain a copy of the record on the server. I really think that all of your problems will be solved by changing to IMAP protocol.

thank you for your input, everyone.
The most likely reason would be a POP account that is leaving messages on the server and then gets checked from a different device.
Is that the case, Melody? If not, can you specify what emails account this happens on and what mail protocol does it use?