EM-Client is a desaster...


the dot issue made me moving away from emClient and return to Thunderbird, too, besides many other missing pro-features within emClient, btw - but that’s a different story. I moved about a year ago and did not regret it so far.

Anyway, this issue you described, results in the very same error I got at that time. I’ve used a mail server app on my local Synology NAS that should serve me as a backup or archiving mail server, using IMAP protocol.

eMClient had its issues with that mail server, Thunderbird not, that’s it and since eMClient does only offer very limited archiving functions for IMAP accounts (not GMail and such global players, you must know), I had to replace emClient very soon.


Hi Michael.

eM Client offers a very usable archiving feature. What was it about the function that you were not able to accomplish?

As far as I know, the current version does only offer archiving for GMail accounts using their specific API and archiving sub system. emClient does offer very limited archiving features if at all.

My requirement is still archiving some IMAP-accounts, preserve the folder structures and move their contents to automatically created subfolders naming them with the year when I received the appropriate e-mail.
And THIS is still not possible within emClient but Thunderbird does offer this, using an addon at least. Currently I’m archiving this way, flawlessly.
Pls see other topices regarding the archiving features, e.g. https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/archive-button-is-an-essential-feature or https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/setting-archive-folder or https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/rules-and-archiving-options

Moreover, I’ve posted many suggestions to improve the rule handling within emClient to satisfy power users, like me, too. So far this did not happen, 
Thunderbird does offer much more than in this area and I even can enhance the rule/filter system with some addons, too, as I did to get at least regular expressions while filtering.
E.g. https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/manually-trigger-execution-of-rule or https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/enhancements-for-rules or https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/-do-not-show-again-option-for-rules-execution-dialog 
Some of them should be very easy to implement, I’m a programmer on much more complex systems, too, and can judge this, you should know. What’s very disappointing is that some of those suggestions are more than two years old and get still ignored.

OTH, emClient is very weak when using multiple clients for accessing the same (IMAP) accounts. E.g. I’m reading a message on my Android device (not using emClient of course) and set it back to unread.
When at home, I fire up emClient that should fetch this e-mail and fire a rule for a (new) incoming message, but does ignore this one, although I’ve changed its state back to unread.
Pls see: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/rules-execution-for-all-incoming-emails-not-only-unread
Thunderbird does handle this situation without any problems and moves this message into a subfolder according to a filter I’ve set up.

[to be continued…]


I wholeheartedly second Andreas. EmClient is completely unusable and I’m seriously thinking of switching to a viable alternative, after three years of using EmClient.

The problem is that EmClient is simply too slow! Stuck/stalls all the time.

The question of hardware and hard disk seems completely irrelevant. I have a good, up to date Win10 64 bit machine. I don’t know nor care for the specifics of my hard drive etc. An email client should not stall all the time.

– Gary Stewart

Archiving in eM Client works by moving emails of a certain age from the IMAP folder to a local Archive folder, where the source folder structure is preserved per account. This function is not dependant on any specific email provider. Currently I am archiving in this way on a GMX IMAP account, also flawlessly. :slight_smile:

I personally think that the Rules function in eM Client is sufficient for most users. But having been myself a Thunderbird user, I appreciate the greater functionality that application has to offer. There are some issues with eM Client, I will not deny that. One major problem with Rules is that mostly they do not work on IMAP folders. The solution is to create the rules on the server if possible. Of course that doesn’t work with things like categories, but that is not going to work anyway across devices. A tag you assign in Thunderbird is not going to be there on your Android device.

Rules only apply to messages as they arrive. Marking an older message as unread will not cause the Rule to be applied to it. I guess Thunderbird works differently, but then a rule and a filter are not the same thing, are they? :slight_smile:

I agree Gary; an application should not be experiencing these problems, it should run reliably on a reasonable minimum specification.The hard truth though, is that these types of problem are more common on mechanical hard disks. “A good up to date … machine” is subjective, it is not useful information. You can still purchase up to date laptops where the OS is installed on mechanical hard disks, and even on the slower 5400rpm disks as well. The difference in performance on the same laptop with an SSD is amazing. But whatever the specification is, not everyone has the option of, or to change to, better hardware. So there are some things you can try that will improve performance. One thing is to turn off conversations.

In the end, it is your choice which software you use. If you have been using a Free License, then there is no loss in moving to something else.

No. I believe you are factually wrong. My hard-drive is very fast, SSD. I have lots of RAM, everything is top notch. It’s not about the hardware. It’s a bug in the design of EmClient.

I really liked EmClient functionality. I thought it is a great alternative to ThunderBird. Unfortunately it’s unusable (irrespective to the hardware).

– Gary

Yep. Just switched to the native Windows 10 email client: Mail.

“Amazingly” this client doesn’t have problems with stalling and slowness, though my hardware stayed just the same!

I guess I will stick to Mail. Sorry EmClient!

Still, subjective terms like “very fast”, “lots of” and “top notch”, don’t really mean much. When I bought my current laptop it had a “very fast” SSD. eM Client took 4 seconds to load. 4 months later I replaced the SSD with an improved M.2 that had almost double the sequential read and write speed. Now eM Client loads in under 2 seconds. I would not consider that information completely irrelevant.

But if everything is “top notch”, maybe something else is the problem. If you could be specific about what “simply too slow! Stuck/stalls all the time” and “unstable” mean, it would help others to reply to your problem.

If you don’t want to do that, please try disabling conversations, and see if that makes any difference to your performance.

Hello everybody,
I use em-client now almost two weeks. The program has a few good features. You have to think something different. Then you also recognize the benefits. The overview is good. There are many divisions. You can sort well.

But … em-client is still very slow and it consumes lots of system resources. The spam filter takes a long time to learn. The rules do not work. If I have already looked at the mails on the mobile phone, the rules will not work anymore. If you turn off the program quickly (for example, because the computer needs to reboot), the database repair takes hours. These are problems that I know from 1985. In 2017 things should be different.

Now I have to invest much more time to keep the client clean and clear. Actually, I wanted to save time. The tip with the faster hardware is useless. This is not a graphics program in which real-time moving images should run. It’s all about emails. Although many, many e-mails. Also, the tip for archiving on the local disk is not good. That’s exactly what I want to change. The local archive needs space and must also be backed up. Better is an archive with a service provider. Then em-client gets very slow again.

As I said, the approaches are good. But em-client does not seem to be ripe for the big bet yet.

Gary, are you using mail from MS? Does the program come with large volumes and many accounts? The predecessor had his problems too …

Best regards

Hi Andreas.

I am glad you have seen some positive things in eM Client. You are right, you have to think differently. This is not some clone of Outlook or any other email client. There are some fresh new ideas here!

The problem with eM Client not closing properly, and having to do a database check on restart, has now been fixed and will be included in the next release. That will make many users happy.

Hardware affects eM Client because it is a database, and read/write speeds on the hard disk do make a difference. But you are right, the graphics card has very little to do with anything here. One way to increase performance without changing hardware is to disable conversations.

The idea with archiving is to both save space on your online account, and reduce syncing many older emails. Therefore the emails are moved to your local folders. If they were moved to an online folder, it would not have any affect on these issues. I have a problem with you suggesting excluding the Archive from backup. If the emails are important enough to keep, why would you not want to back them up? If they are not that important, delete them then the backup will not take as long. There are other options where you can archive online through your mail provider, and exclude those folders from showing in eM Client. That could help. Or you could save the emails outside of eM Client. There are other possibilities to explore.

If you are having difficulty with Rules, maybe I can help. I love Rules. The thing is that if you have already read a message, and then mark it is unread, you cannot expect the Rule to be applied. It is different to a filter. A Rule is only applied to a message as it arrives, unless you run the rule manually afterwards. Again, if you are having any other difficulties with Rules, start a new question and I will see if I can help.

Gary Stewart has not explained what his problems are with eM Client other than some vague terms. If he would like to give some details, I am sure that someone can either help, or confirm any limitation in eM Client and thus give closure. He has been using the software for some time, so there is some attraction for him despite problems he has. It is unfortunate that he feels eM Client has let him down, but if he is happy with Mail, then that is really all that matters. There are so many different email clients, each offering different features and implementations. If something else works better for you, then why stick with something that does not.

How can I tell the program that it marks all junk mail: read?

And why can not the rules be started each time the Inbox is called? Yes, other programs run the rules only once. Only if I wanted to have other programs, then I would stay with the others. What’s really stupid is that the rules are no longer executed if you have just looked at them by mobile phone. That’s not well done.

I personally would like to see Junk and Trash automatically marked as read. Or at least have it as an option in settings. But I also understand the idea behind why it is not so. It is to avoid accidentally moving unread messages to these folders. At least if they are marked as unread, you might take notice of them. One positive is that they do not show in the Unread smart folder.

So that is why you can’t tell the application to automatically mark junk as read. Well, that is not strictly true. If the emails are moved to junk because of the Blacklist Rule, you can’t mark them automatically as read. If the emails are moved to junk with the Spam filter Rule, you can.

You need to edit this Rule, but it appears you can’t do that.

Just delete the Rule, the create a new one.

Click Next > Next, then choose the mark message as read option.

As I said before, if the messages have already been viewed, the Rule will not apply unless you do so manually. Just marking the message as unread will not work. Otherwise you would end up in a loop of Rules being constantly checked and applied over and over. So the Rule applies at the point the message is received, and then it will never apply to that message again unless you do so manually.

I disabled conversation. It doesn’t help.

I have explained clearly the problem: it is too slow. It take about ten seconds just to show each email. That is:

  • invoke EmClient: wait 20 seconds for the program to be responsive

  • See the messages window. And click one message you wish to read. Wait 10 seconds until the message is loaded/shown. Till this time the program in unresponsive. Stalls. Stuck. Loops. Grayed out!

  • Yes. This is a very clear bug in eMClient.

Together with crucial other bugs that I have described a year ago, this shows that there is a problem with the programming/design of eMClient.

Also, each time you inform a clear bug, you get skeptics from within eMClient, claiming that “it’s not a bug”, “it’s hardware”, “it’s your misunderstanding”, “it’s vague”, etc.

No. It’s not my hardware. It’s 99% a bug in the design.

Hi Andreas,

Yes, Mail for MS seems to have options for many accounts. I use it from MS Win 10.
It is very fast and there’s no problem of volume as I see now.

Hi Gary.

Let’s start at the beginning. eM Client should not take that long to open on a computer with an SSD and 32GB of RAM. Since these problems began, did you ever try to open eM Client on another computer using the same database? Could you see what is the size of the profile folder for eM Client?

Hi Gary,

It opens fast. It just stalls for 10 seconds before being responsive.

Where’s the profile folder?

Oh–it’s 8gb!

Some folder named:
“c6d369db-406f-43XXXXXXXXXXXX” takes 7.8 gb