eM Client iOS app delays when opening the Gmail account > More menu with 100+ labels

eM Client iOS app has long delays when opening the > More menu on Gmail accounts with 100+ or more labels.

Note: This previously was a problem with the em Client Android mobile app, but “that issue was resolved”. Only now a problem with eM Client for iOS mobile + tablet app.

Eg: Using the latest eM Client iOS app 9.3.6040 on iPhones and iPads with OS 17.2, when you press the > More menu under my Gmail account with 100+ labels, there is on average around a approx 10sec delay before it openings or closes the > More menu. Sometimes slightly longer. Nothing happens.

Hopefully this iOS app delay issue can fixed in a later eM Client iOS app update.

Replicated this issue on 2 new iPads with M1 cpus and an iPhone 12 Max with an A14 Bionic cpu.