eM Client inbox not working

My eM Client inbox is not working. It keeps displaying a box saying ‘eM Client is not working’. How do I get it fixed?

Can you post a screenshot of the message?

Hi Gary, I am contacting you, as the number one choice in support users to see if you can assist me with my problem.
This past Monday, I responded to a pop-up prompt while in my eMClient email window.  It wanted me to install an update, so I clicked on ‘Yes’ and it installed the update.  Ever since, my email has not functioned properly.  When it opens there’s a prompt to select one of my two email addresses (on Gmail).  When I select one of the addresses, it brings up a request to approve eMClient’s ability to do all sorts of very unacceptable things (One example: the ability to delete any file or program without my permission).  Well, hell no, I’m not about to agree to that absurd request, so I hit escape and without agreeing to these absurd requests, I am unable to send or receive any emails (which I have unsuccessfully attempted several times).  
I need help beyond a reply with suggested fixes.  I am completely computer illiterate and seriously technically challenged.
Would you be willing to walk me through the step\s needed to fix this ‘mess’ I’ve created?  Thank you for your earliest response.
Steve Wintner
Georgetown, TX

Since I am a Gmail user, I’ll answer now and Gary can also comment.  The screen that was brought up is the standard 0Auth2 screen used by Gmail for granting permissions to 3rd party applications.  It lists the things that eM Client must have permission to do, or the program cannot operate as intended.  The OAuth2 screen simply details these permissions that have always been granted  to email clients that historically you were just unaware of.

I can assure you that eM Client will not indiscriminately delete files or use personal information for nefarious purposes.  I think you will find that all email clients will require the same permissions (assuming similar functionality) and will bring up the same OAuth2 screen.

Unfortunately, you need to accept these permissions or you will be unable to connect the program to your Gmail accounts.

Thank you Jay for your response and clarification.  With your assurance that I didn’t open a hacker’s prompt and that my agreeing to the terms stipulated will not ever result in my files or contacts or other personal/business data will not be deleted or used without my specific permission each time, i will go forward in trust and faith.
If I hit any 'snags, I’ll get back to you, thanks again.
Steve Wintner

Just one word of caution, make sure you download the program from the eM Client website-- www.emclient.com.

Jay, thanks, as i mentioned, i am not computer literate and your suggestion to be sure to download the program from the eMClient website leaves me confused.  What is the name of the program?  My email attempts to open emails keeps requiring me to ‘approve’ the outrageous permission for access to my accounts and email files.  Do I ignore these requests and go to the website to look for what program link?

Sorry, but I need it ‘spelled out’ for me, to ensure i don’t screw anything up worse than i already have, thanks.

Hi Steve, sorry for the delay in responding.  The actual name of the downloaded program will be setup.exe.  The download screen should be this one:


I think that Jay has covered everything.Hope you get it sorted Steve.

Thanks Gary, I appreciate your follow-up.

Hi Jay, thank you for getting back to me.  I have one more question; if I already have a free eM Client account that includes two separate email accounts, will I need to ‘uninstall’ these accounts before downloading any new software?


Does this mean you already have eM Client installed?  If so, you can just upgrade the version you already have and no further action is necessary.

Jay, I can’t thank you enough for your patience and assistance, much appreciated.  I do have two active accounts, so i’ll upgrade from those prompts.

Have a great evening and weekend.