eM Client IMAP and interface improvements - many ideas

Here are some bug reports / ideas:


  • IMAP folder subscription panel - Since I want local full copies of everything (a la POP3), I had to right-click *every* folder (and I have quite a few), then use the checkboxes. Okay, so I only had to do it once, but it was a MAJOR annoyance.
  • When creating a new IMAP account, ask a question: “Sync everything”, “sync headers”, “don’t sync”, and “I’ll decide what gets synced, show me the sync panel later” (see above).
  • Offline sync: if you mark a folder for offline use, there’s no indication of when it will be sync’d to local. One assumes it will be on the next “check every 5 minutes” event, but in reality it seemed to be kinda random for me. I just let it sit and boil for a couple hours but it’d be nice to have more control/feedback over the sync process.


  • Import from Thunderbird (mail/contacts is good enough, tasks is even better, bayesian filter database would be pure win)
  • Allow me to specify the number of concurrent IMAP connections as a per-account or per-server setting. This will prevent IMAP problems with many servers. See how Thunderbird does this.
  • Make the “Calendar” / “Tasks” / “Contacts” item in the sidebar hide-able and reachable with menu options and buttons. I really only need “Contacts” (and _very_ rarely too), and having these options always visible make me waste precious vertical space for mail folders.
  • Present more detailed error messages if there’s a connection problem of some sort. I had some IMAP connections fail for some reason and I’d like to know exactly what happened (especially because I manage my own server and can find out what and where it went wrong).
  • Add bayesian spam filtering. Maybe there’s an option somewhere that I didn’t see?
  • There should be a button for the “Columns configuration” option. Right-clicking on the columns bar is obvious for me, might not be for everyone.
  • When right-clicking on a message, also show keyboard shortcuts next to the options. I initially thought that “Mark read/unread” didn’t have keyboard shortcuts.
  • When creating a new account, there’s a field for specifying the mail username “if it is different than the e-mail account”. Well, mine wasn’t but I was still forced to put it in :slight_smile: I bet some, ahem, less intelligent user will be stumped here.
  • Columns configuration: having this on a per-folder basis is great, but please have an option of “apply to this folder and all subfolders”, because I had to repeat these steps for every - single - one. *sigh*


  • Colums configuration: the window that appears really should be tall/wide enough to allow scrollbars to be removed. It’s annoying to have to scroll up/down to read all the column names.
  • View -> Layout. Thumbnails (mini-icons) would be handy here. “Messages on right” is obvious for me, might not be for others.
  • Date format by default should be full, short version works fine for me but some people will be confused.
  • Allow signatures to be text/html files on disk. It’s handy because in the event of a reinstallation of eM Client, if the signature is mildly complicated, at least the file is still there.
  • Message grouping is nice for me (e.g. Today / Yesterday / Two weeks ago etc) but it might not please everyone. Make it switchable on/off.
  • Include counters and indicators in or next to the progress bar at the bottom. Examples: “Headers checked: 1137/2000 messages, ETA 00:35” / “Downloading message 1 of 20, 200KB/s, ETA 01:30”. If you think this will scare some users, make it optional.