"eM Client has stopped working" (backups broken)

I just restarted today after upgrading to v8 a few days ago and found that eM Client would not start now because i had enabled backups and on restarting it cannot access its task scheduler entry, throwing an error and refusing to start.

Looks like v8 cannot or does not try to access the task scheduler entry from v7, and that it does not create its own entry.

The only way out of it was to uninstalled the program, install v7 again, disabled backups, then re-install v8. This did not fix the problem but at least allowed me access to the program so i could disable backups in v8.

This is a very serious glitch! and it also leaves me without any way to do backups, since calling DbBackup.exe directly from the task scheduler no longer works (it did with v7, allowing retention of more than just 5 backups).

This was with I’ve now upgraded to 8.0.2951 but am afraid to re-enable backups, in case it’s not been fixed and i get locked out again. Is this a known problem? and when will it be fixed?