eM Client has evidently uninstalled and reinstalled itself. All contacts and emails are missing as well as all acountounts.

eM Client no longer has any of my emails, accounts or folders. It appears to be a new install. I haven’t changed anything. Everything is gone.

The update also seems to have overwritten local folders and my archive is lost.  

I was able to get some of the data back, including the archive, by using the import from eM Client 6 option under the File menu.  That helped but many local folders did not import.

I also updated with recent update and it re-installed as new software. Wasn’t happy so rolled back with system restore but it is still trying to update. Come on people!

This helped a lot Rick! Thanks!

Actually I now have the Archive back after using the file/import option.  All is good.  But the  developers should include a warning in the update message that this would be a new install rather than an update.