eM client has deleted all my contacts, will not allow me to reimport them, and will not allow me to enter them manually.

I installed eM Client on my computer and imported all my emails and contacts. Everything WAS working perfectly, and I was very pleased with the software. I powered down my computer and left it for a day. When I powered the computer back up, my emails were still there, but my contacts have all disappeared. When I try to re-import them, I get a pop-up message that they have been imported, but there is nothing there. When I try to create a new contact and then save it, there is STILL nothing there. What good is an email program if it won’t retain contact, or even allow you to input new ones?

More information re above post: eM Client has also deleted the Calendar, with only a small version of the current month showing in the lower left corner of the Calendar page. The Tasks page is also empty. All three pages – Tasks, Calendar and Contacts contain only the following notification: “THIS FOLDER CONTAINS NO ITEMS AND NO OPERATIONS CAN BE PERFORMED”.

I have tried to import my contacts five times. I have shut down and re-booted my computer three times. I can still send and receive emails, but it’s useless without contacts. When I open the Contacts page and click on Tools\Contacts all my contacts are still there – they just won’t show up on the Contacts page.

When I go into Tools\Accounts and try to select the default folders, the Calendar and Tasks boxes are empty, the Contacts box shows “Local Folders/Contacts/” when it should probably read “User/AppData/Roaming/eM Client/Contacts.dat” or something similar. None of the three boxes will allow me to select a folder.

I am running Windows 7. I have tried to repair eMClient but get the following message: “A netword error occurred while attempting to read from the file c:\Users\Username\Desktop\emclient4.msi”, which is the file that I get when I download eM Client 5. I am afraid to uninstall eM Client and then reinstall, because I will lose all my email messages in addition to everything else that has disappeared, and your help files aren’t much help. .

eM Client cannot delete the events/contacts itself. To what folder did you import the data to?

When I opened the Contacts screen and clicked on Tools/Contacts in the menu bar, the contacts were in a small box, but they did not appear on the Contacts screen, and I could not import a contact into a message header.

I did not have a choice of folder into which to import the data. Contacts were imported from a .csv file by the software into what I assume was the default folder: User/AppData-/Roaming/eM Client/*.dat. Everything – contacts, folders and messages, were imported automatically into files in that folder, all with a .dat extension. Folders and messages were in one gigantic 2 GB file. I could not go into that file and see individual folders and messages, as I can with Windows Mail.

There were several other user preferences that were greyed out and unusable. I can’t tell you what they were because I have uninstalled eM Client and reverted to Windows Mail for the time being. The software worked fine until I rebooted my computer. I’m wondering if the problem might be that I didn’t register the software until after the problem occurred.

I intend to reinstall eM Client and try again, but I don’t have time to play with it right now. I still have the activation key, if that is re-usable.

Note to George Wilson, re your email message “In the first place please open Tools - Settings and tick “Show Local folders”. It should help”.

“Show Local Folders” was selected, before this problem occurred.

In that case please try to install the latest version of eM Client from here: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v5.0.178… and if the problem will persist, enable “Import” logging, import the contacts once again and send us the logs. Thank you.