eM Client has been unable to contract the update server.

Some one help me how to solve this problem and go online again? I tried restarting everything.

Download the install gives options to repair or uninstall.

Thanks for answer. Still didnt helped.

HI, I have the same problem. By now everything worked fine. I would really appreciate if someone would have any solution… Thanks!

Hello all,

By any chance, are you using eM Client with Windows XP OS?

If yes, I have to redirect you to this post explaining the end of Win XP support.


yes, I do use Win XP.

But what does it mean exactly? It will not be possible to use the client any more or does it affect the function in any way? I do not plan to switch to any newer OS in the near future and I even cannot do it with my current hardware…

Thank you for your reply!


Unfortunately, in this case you need to “downgrade” to older version if you wish to keep using eM Client. To do so, please uninstall the current version and install an older one from http://www.emclient.com/release-history.

You don’t need to be worried about your data, the database will stay untouched in the folder set in Menu > Tools > Settings > Storage. 


Please be specific here and in your release history as to where xp support ends and which version we can use.

Hi, I tried to downgrade to different version but the problem persisted.
I downgraded the three versions down (probably 7.0) after installation and running the application there was shown the window with information that the database had been created in newer version and that the upgrade is necessary. Afterwards the app upgraded to the newest version. Could you please write down detailed steps for successful downgrade? I have been very satisfied with emclient but if this would not solve quickly I would need to find a new one…Thank you very much…

Hi, would you have any news to this topic please? Or is it necessary to remove completely all application files from the PC and then install some “downgraded” version? Thank you very much for your support.

Hello all,

The last versions that supported Win XP OS were 7.0.x. In order to downgrade, you need to remove the old installation and then install the new one. If you have all your data stored on server, you can just rename the database folder and eM Client will create a new one and pull all data from the server. If your data was stored in the previous database, just export everything you wish before uninstalling the 7.1 version.

I hope this helps you.