eM Client hangs with "Downloading message part..." status


I have been using eM Client for about a month and have had very few issues; however, recently I have been experiencing an issue when downloading new mail via IMAP. After a new message appears in my inbox, and I attempt to open it, the “Downloading message part…” status displays perpetually. Sometimes it completes after minutes, other times I either need to exit the client or toggle between working offline.

I also frequently receive the “You are not currently connected to the server, messages will be downloaded when you come online” (or something to that effect). This message also will sometimes correct itself, other times, it will not.

We use A+ (Deluxe for Business) as our IMAP provider and have many users on Outlook configured with IMAP who do not experience these issues. I’ve enabled IMAP logging and will upload logs when the issues occur again.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

Hi Forrest, this is caused by the application’s default setup, eM Client by default only downloads the headers of emails, thus if you’re too fast and open the message before it was able to download the message completely this message will be shown.
You should be able to avoid this issue by using the “Download messages for offline use” for your account which automatically downloads your emails immediately as they become available.

You can enable this option in Tools > Accounts > Your account > IMAP.

Hope this helps,

I tried that and it didn’t work!!!