eM Client hangs for minutes on a fast PC - because of a 4kB attachment

Dear eM Client Team,

I am testing this new client, and I wanted to show my colleagues how to set different types of signatures, using a 4kB transparent PNG as signature.

I copy&pasted the signature, the client froze for seconds, and used about 25% CPU. I have done it again, the client now hung for about three minutes, using 25% CPU again, and I also noticed a 10 Mb increase in Working Memory Set.

I have a Phenom X4 with 8 Gigabytes of memory, this cannot be the problem. If this issue will remain, I will not suggest to my company to buy this product. I attached the screenshot of the malfunctioning software.

Best regards,

Nevermind, outdated.
We will use a different email client.

I am very sorry for the delayed reply - I was very busy the past few days.
If you decide to give us second chance, simulate the issue and run the tool available from http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstack… after the freeze happens. It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder) that will help us analyze the problem in more detail. Please send this file to us. Thanks.