eM Client hangs completely when attempting to go to rules setting

As of the latest release, I can no longer go to Menu / Rules without eM client hanging completely. Must use Task Manager to end task, and can’t restart eM client until reboot of Windows 10 machine. Then, of course, database validation must take place, which is time consuming, to say the least.

Impressed with the functionality, not loving the reliability.

Anyone else having this problem?

Something you could try is to uninstall eM Client, making sure not to delete the database directory when asked, then download and install the file again from the Release History.

Thanks. I tried that today, but eM client forced me back to the current release, which still hangs.

@RSGold Sounds like then you then might have some corruption in the EMC Installation directory or the EMC Database as well. I would first in EMC go to “Menu / Backup” and make a copy of your current EMC Database / settings. Make a copy of the backup it creates elsewhere too just in case.

You can see where the Backup file is located after backing up by going to “Menu / Settings / Backup”. If you have Windows its usually in your Windows Profile “C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\eM Client” folder and will end with .zip .

Then close EMC and uninstall it again and this time “Delete the EMC database” on uninstall and then manually delete the following EMC Folder C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client .

Then reboot and reinstall the latest version of EMC V 8.1 at the top of the release page as per @Gary advised. Then in EMC go to “Menu / File / Restore” and select your backup .zip file. Then close and reopen EMC and hopefully then will be fine.

Good Luck


Problem seems to have been a corrupted rules file, which always got restored when doing a DB restore. Exported rules to xml from empty data base, then imported into restored DB, no help. Started over with new DB, imported all XML settings except rules, and back in business. But have to write all my old rules from scratch.

Can’t complain too much about free software.


Careful there, you might be entering into new territory. :wink: