eM Client & Google Apps Praise

A longer period of time (several years) I use Google Apps on own domain. 99% of the time I using this cloud in a web interface. That 1% is the time spended finding a usable client - typically for a home PC and work laptop - and it should have a full sync with Google Apps.

I tried several of those clients:

Thunderbird - not complete and seamless synchronization with Google Apps
Outlook - can complete synchronization only after the third purchase software and pay for Google Apps Premium
Live Email - problems with installation, but I know from various sources, that even this is not an ideal solution for Google Apps

What eM Client me captivated, the possibility of a complete roofing communication in multiple communication channels through a single program. Specifically, I use Google Apps (including Talk), ICQ, Skype, MSN, and last but not least, Facebook chat. Until now I was used Trillian + Google Apps web interface.

The only complaint I had for the price of licenses - for lifetime updates you will need to pay more - but the amount is not high and return to you many times in the time saved when using the program.

I really like that eM Client is developed by a Czech company! It is one of the few pieces of software, when someone uses in the development brain instead the left hind leg.