eM Client - Gmail does not sync old email

Just got a new laptop Windows 10 and installed eMClient 7.2.35128.0.
Old laptop Windows 8.1 and had also eMClient 7.2.35128.0.

I am using gmail in combination with emclient for many years now without issues.

Problem now is, I installed emclient without issues on the new laptop and via the startup tool connected gmail to emclient without issues either.
Next it syncs a handfull of email from a while ago and a few from today and there it completely stops. All folders stay pretty much empty in emclient and when i click on it they wont be loaded on the spot either. I turned ON offline sync.

As a double check sending via gmail address or via the domain alias works right away, even receiving on the alias or via gmail works on the spot as well so connection is not an issue. 
I also turned off my virusscanner to see if that holds things up this was not an issue either. 
I am running now 2 laptops with the same client next to eachtother and the old one works fine, the new one doesnt load even after leaving it alone for an hour.

Thanks all

I am using Kaspersky virusscanner and somehow it does seem on refreshment the problem here. 

What i did now is the following:

Open the Kaspersky Dashboard, 

Click the cog bottom left

Select Additional from the Left Panel

Select Threats and Exclusions from the Right Panel

From the next screen select ‘Specify Trusted Applications’   (roughly in the middle of the screen)

Click Add button bottom Right

Click Browse bottom Left on next screen.

Locate the MailClient.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe)

I’ve for now just set the option ‘Do not Scan All Traffic’   

and make sure it’s Active