eM Client generating excessive number of logins with IMAP

My email provider keeps blocking my account (for 1 hour) because the eM Client is generating more than 100 logins / hour, even though it’s set to only check every 5 minutes.

Has anyone else seen this?

I’m not so technical as on how IMAP protocol does authentic as each mail serverware could also be different. But it logical to assume that IMAP protocol requires authentic every time a connection opens. Which means every time you sync, it requires a login. And every folder under the IMAP account is a individual sync process in eM Client. So if you have like say 7 folders in one IMAP account, that 7 login process. And in eM Client, every time you click on an IMAP folder, sync start for that folder. If my assumptions are correct, 100 login per hour doesn’t seem odd at all if you check your mail frequently.

Of cause this is all my speculation, let hope some from eM can clarify and confirm this. But I honestly believe that is at least how SSL IMAP would work. It a huge security risk to keep login open when the sync task has be done.

I’m not familiar with how the IMAP protocol works in detail, myself.

But the fact is that I’ve been using Thunderbird with exactly the same (IMAP) setup with that mail service provider, for many years now.

I have even had Thunderbird running concurrently on my laptop and my desktop machine, without 100+ logins being generated against the server.

The really curious thing is that I have 2 different accounts with that provider, both configured exactly the same (except login credentials, of course), and this eM Client issue only affects one of them.


By the way; The account that has this problem has fewer folders than the one that does not have the problem.


The account with the problem, is that your primary account?

What server are you using by this problematic account?

I am very familiar with how IMAP protocol works, having written an IMAP server.

100 logins per hour is a ridiculously low limit. Your ISP needs a smack.

100 logins per minute I could understand maybe.

One thing you may be able to do.

under settings: General, what do you have set for check for new mail every xx minutes?

You can possibly prevent your connections being timed out (by an intermediary NAT or whatever) by setting this down to say 1min. That can reduce number of connections / login sequencese.