eM Client freezing when signing with PGP


eM Client freezes when signing with PGP. I write an email, click the Sign icon so the recipient knows for sure it was sent by me. But when clicking “Send”, the window says the message is being created, it lasts several minutes, and if I click Cancel, it is grayed out and freezes, and after a few minutes, I have to terminate it from the process manager. I don’t have this particular problem with the Encrypt function.
Thank you,

I had a similar problem with signed messages when using versions lower than 7.1.31658. but it was fixed in 7.1.31788.

Can you check you are using the latest version downloaded from http://www.emclient.com/release-history

Thank you. I’m using v. 7.1.32088

If you have a Pro License you may want to open a support ticket for that.

But it could be a problem with the key. You could delete the key and create a new one, and see if that changes anything.

Thank you Gary, will try…