Em client freezes when dealing with email that has large attachment

I have received an email with four attachments - one is large (10MB). I don’t want to download the large one. Em client freezes if I:

  • try to download one of the small attachments (54kb)
  • try to copy the small attachment directly to a new email (by drag and drop)
  • forward the original email, delete the large attachment from it and press send

Any idea how this can be solved?

Hi, next time eM Client will freeze use this tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstack… and send me file it creates to [email protected] together with this topic.


I am having a similar problem to Matt Gardner’s, but my problem is sending single pdf attachments, and it’s not large files – one was 44 Kb, one was only 8 Kb, and the largest was 388 Kb. When I open the sent email in my sent folder and click on the pdf attachment, eMClient hangs. Forever. The only way I can get it running again is to stop it in Task Manager, and then re-start. It doesn’t matter what the source of the pdf is, whether printer, scanner or software – it still hangs, every time.

I have repaired eMClient and Adobe Reader, and the log files indicate no issues, so I don’t think either of those is the problem. I have also restored my computer to a week ago and cleaned out all the temp files. Nothing has solved this problem.

I don’t know if Matt Gardner ever responded to your message 28 days ago – but I am sending you my stackdump file, as advised in your message to him, in the hope that you can help with this issue.

Hi Virginia,

can you open the PDF files if you try to use another PDF reader?

For example the free Nitro Reader or the paid version Nitro PDF Pro?



Hi Hans,

Thanks for your response.

The kind folks at eMClient responded to my problem within ten minutes and provided a software update. Once I installed the update, the problem went away and has not recurred.

I am very happy with eMClient. I tested all the other top-rated clients, and eMClient is by far the best. I would also like to say that, while I haven’t had to access eMClient support very often, when I do their response is very fast and right on target.

we’re glad you like the application.
Thank you for using it.