eM Client free version stopped working today with message that I haven't valid license and online synchronization is disabled

free version doesn’t have valid license?

Hello, have you activated your eM Client using a valid license? If not, please make sure to do so in Help > License > Activate, otherwise the application will be working in offline mode only.


I am a free user, do not have license. When I try to activate as you suggested it asked for activation key. How can I obtain activation key for free?

You can obtain a license key on our website, visit http://www.emclient.com/pricing for more information.


Thanks, I did it.

it seems to be a bug that re-opening the free EM mail client causes the license to be lost and sometimes unable to re-activate.  It does this to me every few days, on both tower and laptop for me.  This happens even after a recent update to 6.0.24144.0

Hi Tony,
are you using the same key on both of these devices? Because that is actually the source of the problem, probably, and therefor not a bug. We have a one license per device policy. It cannot be active on 2 computers at once, so it will always ask for the license again when you switch devices.


Since I cannot see the key now , If I use the same emall address and same client on 2 devices. Does it guarantee sending unique keys?