Em Client finds outdated, obsolete and unwanted Outlook Express account & won't uninstall.

When I initially setup eMC it automatically detected my Windows Live Mail (WLM) account and imported everything. Unfortunately it also imported data from an old, outdated Outlook Express (OE) account that had used the same email address. I have uninstalled eMC and removed all old OE storage folders from WLM. When I reinstalled eMC the initial installation screen did not appear. Instead, eMC opened with exactly the same info it had previously imported, including the obsolete stuff. Tried uninstall/reinstall again with the same result. How can I uninstall all of eMC so I can start over?

You don’t need to uninstall em Client, just close the application then delete the folder C:\Users\your-name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. Then start it again.