eM Client, exchange and delegation


right now we are testing eM Client together with an on demand exchange server 2016.

Typically each one of us has an account and works with the delegate function to see other inboxes/accounts. We have two main topics we are dealing with (the third one is not that important).

  1. we get an error “Die Synchronisation der Ordnerliste ist fehlgeschlagen mit folgendem Fehler: Der Server kann diese Anforderung im Moment nicht bedienen. Versuchen Sie es später erneut., Dieser Vorgang überschreitet das Einschränkungsbudget für Richtlinienteil 'ConcurrentSyncCalls’, Richtlinienwert ‘5’, Budgettyp: ‘Ews’. Vorgeschlagene Backoffzeit: 5000 ms.” We tried to change this setting in exchange server but there is no property called “ConcurrentSyncCalls” (although there is one in the documentation) and other settings we changed through policies had no effect. Is there a way to change the behaviour to sync one delegation after the other?

  2. there are notifications for all the delegates - we are searching for an option to have no notifactions for the delegated accounts

  3. searching with tags doesn’t seem to work

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Folder list synchronization failed with the following error: The server cannot service this request at the moment. Please try again later., This operation exceeds the throttling budget for policy part ‘ConcurrentSyncCalls’, policy value ‘5’, budget type: ‘Ews’. Suggested backoff time: 5000 ms.

I would suggest to contact Microsoft technical support for help on your error above as this appears that be an Exchange EWS server configuration issue and not eM Client related.

We don’t have that issue with Outlook and delegation. It seems that Outlook and eM Client have a different behaviour.

Are there any options for the second question?

We don’t have that issue with Outlook and delegation. It seems that Outlook and eM Client have a different behavior.

If the problem then is only with eM Client and not with Outlook as you say, and you have a Pro / Enterprise license, then suggest directing that problem to eM Client support via the VIP support page below. If you only have a free license, then the moderators / and managers or other free forum users who look at this forum will hopefully be able to assist you.

The only thing i could further suggest is maybe try / test a later Exchange Server. It could be eM Client is designed to work with later Exchange versions. Just a thought. Also Microsoft no longer support Exchange 2016 for the main stream as of 2021 according to their Technet site so might be better to install a later version of Exchange Server anyway for security reasons.

(eM Client Pro / Enterprise & Free Support links)
Support | Remote Assistance | License Manager | eM Client

(End of Exchange Server 2016 support for the Mainstream)
Exchange Server 2016 and the End of Mainstream Support - Microsoft Tech Community

Okay, thank you. We will try the enterprise support.