eM client errors of IMAP

eM client continuously getting errors of IMAP connection, however the settings and ports are correct. 

Check that you have the correct security policy for the port you are using.

Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 143 = Use SSL/TLS if available

If that does not help, disable your anti-virus and firewall application, then try again.

If that still does not help, please post the error message here.

I tried these settings but no gain. It the same with message IMAP fail to connect. 

Did you disable your anti-virus application?

Occasionally I also get some connection failures, but only at program start. Clicking on “refresh” always fixes them. I am using the latest version (7.2.34016.0) on Win10 pro 1809, no 3rd party anti virus, only Win defender.