em client email function button is gone?

I apologize for such a simple question.

I don’t use emClient or know how it works but would like to assist my 87 year old uncle who does.  I have poked around all the menu’s, queried the online support forum but no luck.  I only have a little time to help before I leave.

Last week em client it worked fine.

When I returned yesterday the email portion of the emClient software had disappeared from the emClient opening screen.

What I see when emClient starts are the: File Edit View Action Tools Help buttons.

Below that on the left side are Calendar, Tasks, Contacts but no email button.

What appears to be missing is a email function button or menu.

mailclient.exe *32 is running under processes.

I see a pop up messages occasionally down by the time/date on task bar.

Settings and accounts appear to be OK.

Is there a view setting or some other place to reactivate a email function button or menu?

Thanks for your help.


If you right-click any of the Notes/Contacts/Calendar tabs, you’ll see a list of which tabs you want to display. Left-click the Mail tab and Mail should display again.

Good evening. Under “File” you have ‘New’. Click on this “new and you as possibility bde fill to e-mail!.” Kind regards.

thanks that did the trick.