eM Client email account not working

Hi, I’m having problems with an email account of a user. Using eM Client, the user needs to close the program, log off the Windows account and then log in again, to receive/send the emails. Email account is on go daddy.

we’ve received reports from users using GoDaddy with the exact same issue.
You can check the official topic here: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/topics/imap_not_showing_new_email

In a shortcut the issue is caused by GoDaddy and we’re in talks with them to resolve it, however it’s a bit out of our hands.
Also you should be able to receive emails just by restarting the application, you shouldn’t have to log out. But the issue is still the same.

I’m sorry for this obstacle, we hope the fix will come soon.
Thank you,

Thanks Paul