EM Client - Edit, Find... not working

Am a new EM Client home user as of this week on 30 day trail (v 6.0.21372).  Though figuring most things out as software similar to MS Outlook I use at the office, the Edit (top menu bar), Find… (subitem) function is not working.  It seems self explanatory what I need to enter, but my search results are coming up empty, even trying a very simple search of a word i.e. Alert in the Subject line of a few of my emails in the Inbox under Local folders (using POP server, not IMAP). 

I reviewed the EM Client documentation, but the information here is limited how to do a Find, and trying to a search of the word ‘Find’ in this forum brings up thousands of results (so forgive if this was posted previously).  A step by step primer on how to use the Find… function would definitely be helpful as a new user of the software, which if somewhere, a URL please. I am also wondering if there maybe is a software bug??, as I changed the data directory for storing my email from the default C:\Users\long list of subdirectories to C:\EMClient where I can find my email more readily, and the search per the code is happening in the default directory???

Cannot explain it, but the Find function suddenly started working, even with using an alternate default directory.

Hi, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions regarding the feature.

Note that eM Client by default only downloads the headers of messages, thus is unable to search through the body of the message unless you have the “Download messages for offline use”. If you don’t have this option enabled, please make sure search is setup to search for the header information only - all except “body” in the search preferences - to improve search speed.