eM Client dropping signal

Updated to 8.2 and have been having major problems staying online since. The red triangle of doom isn’t always showing but I can still be offline OR online. Regardless of whether eM Client is able to download emails, I can still link through from some emails and the use of phones, games consoles and Netflix etc isn’t interrupted. The whole point of eM Client was supposed to be that I didn’t have to access my email online, but I now appear to be stuck doing that if I want to get anything done. How can I get eM Client to stay linked to my internet? Alternatively, how can I roll back to a previous (working) edition without losing my information?

If you are having connection issues with eM Client, (provided you have the correct acct settings), this can sometimes be caused by eg: optional Firewalls, Antivirus programs, VPN’s etc. If you have any optional of the above, disabling them to see if that makes any difference.

Thanks. But surely the whole point of firewalls etc is to protect against hackers/viruses etc. And it worked fine before when I had the safety measures in place…

Yes of course firewalls are to protect you, but sometimes optional Firewalls , Antivirus programs, VPNs etc can block or interfere with email programs or Internet traffic out of the blue, even though they have been fine previously.

So the only way to know is to disable them temporarily to determine if that’s the issue. If then an optional Firewall, Antivirus, program, VPN etc is then found to be the issue, then you have to remove and re-allow eM Client through that optional program which should the be ok.

I see. Thank you. Will have a play with that.