eM Client Download: 2 Files were downloades but one is empty?

I want to use eM Client. So I downloaded the test version for windows 10. There are 2 files, one file is the setup and another file is empty and it seems as it could be a temporary file ore something like that.

My question is what kind of empty file is that and why is it loading?

Did you access the eM Client website? https://www.emclient.com/

Did you click on the button named “Download for free” and then click on the downloaded file?

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Hello, thanks for answering. Yes, I put on the button but there are every time two files. I am using the Microsoft Edge Browser. the second file has 0 bytes, it is always empty. I can repeat it
quite a few times. Maybe its not important but it was a little bit strange.

There is only one file.

It will be called emclient-v9.0.1708.msi which is about 113MB

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Yes, that is the file that I get but I always get a second empty file, this file comes only when I download eM Client. I think i am going to ignore it.

Here is a sample of the two files that are always in my folder after downloading

Sometimes Edge may have a paused download, or has downloaded something and is waiting for you to choose Keep or Discard. Then the file looks like that. In English it will be called Unconfirmedxxx.crdownload

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Thanks a lot. I think I can ignore it.

Edit: I tried the download via the old Internet Explorer, there is just the Setup file. So its an Edge problem.

I use Firefox and Chrome and do not get other than the ONE file as @Gary iterated.

sábado 25 junio 2022 :: 0800hrs (UTC +01:00)

I just downloaded emclient-v9.0.1708.msi using latest version of Edge
One file only, perhaps the issue is on your system.
Check Edge for updates.

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