EM Client doesn't work with SMTP

Can’t connect to my smtp server, it says, “your credentials were rejected”. All other mail clients (TheBat!, Thunderbird) connect to the server easily.
Besides, it periodically loses connection to my gmail imap server (it’s a different account). Again, nothing wrong with the account itself.

Is there anybody there?
Update: when I’m choosing TLS encryption in account settings, it says, “SMTP server doesn’t support STARTTLS”. Using other settings it said, “Invalid characters in a base 64-string”.
I would be grateful if some employee could check the forum once in a while.


I am sorry but we are having currently much work around 6th version so forum has lower priority (as we have to help users with paid license first).

Anyway can you make screenshot of your SMTP settings (tools - accounts - your account - SMTP tab) and post it here? you can censor your email and password length but I need to know what email account provider do you use.

with regards

I’ve installed version 6 and all’s OK but I couldn’t get the 5th ver. working with any settings whatsoever.

try changing setting to:

port: 465
security policy: Use ssl/tls on special port (legacy)

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