eM Client doesn't receive IMAP messages until restarted

I have two accounts set up in eM Client on my PC.  For one account eM Client is the only client I use - I don’t access my mail on any other devices or using any other client - all works perfectly for that account.

For the other account, I also access my mail via my phone and tablet (all using IMAP).  For that account eM Client is often (but not always*) either very slow to receive messages (anything from 1 to 5 hours) or doesn’t receive them at all until I close and restart eM Client.

* I can’t be sure, but it seems to relate to whether or not the messages have been received/read on another device - if, for some reason, another device hasn’t received the message then eM Client fetches it OK - otherwise I have to close and restart eM Client to fetch the messages.

I don’t believe it’s a server setting (but I might be wrong) for the above reason and also because previously all has worked fine with other clients and the server settings haven’t been changed since.  Also, when eM Client does receive a message I still get it on my other devices.

Any assistance that can be provided would be much appreciated.


Are there any errors? You can check this in Menu > Tools > Operations.

Thank you for the reply - no, there are no errors in the Operations and the log looks ‘normal’ as far as I can see …

Who is your email provider?

My email provider is Names.co.uk (previously Xsession)

It may be that your server only offers a type of IMAP that requires the client to fetch the messages on a schedule the same way as POP3, rather than pushing the messages to the client. Some email clients do support interval syncing for IMAP, so can accommodate those servers. eM Client doesn’t support this, but does force a sync at startup, and for the rest of the time it waits for the server to push new messages to it. This is called IDLE IMAP, or PUSH IMAP.

You should check with your provider if they support IDLE IMAP. If they don’t, it would be better to configure the account as POP3, as that would sync on a schedule.

Gary, Many thanks indeed for your comprehensive response - I’ll look into it.  

The only thing is that the other account seems to behave perfectly - for example, the message notifying me of your comment above came in immediately.  However, it might be that I’ve ended up with different settings for the two accounts on the server or somewhere so I’ll definitely look into it.

Thank you again - appreciated.