eM Client doesn't have any valid License

I have been using eM client without a problema for 1 year.
Now, when I open eM Client it says, (see attached image) eM client says that I have no License.
I have a free licence with what allows me to have 2 mails accounts.
Can you help me?

Hi, please contact me on galis@emclient.com, send me your email address you have used for registration for your free license.


I, too, just got this dialogue box this afternoon when attempting to access my free em client account.
The email used for registration is shess429@windstream.net (Licensed for version 6. Issue Date 02/06/2013).

Hi Sue, are you still having issues while connecting to the licensing server?
Can you please edit your previous post and delete your email address, I do not recommend posting your private information publicly on our forum.


This has just happened to me too. I’ve had a free license for years and have v7. I requested to be sent an activation key, it said it was sent but it has never arrived. Who do I contact in emclient to fix this.