"Em Client doesn't have a valid license."

I have been using Em Client for 6 months and today I got this pop-up message not having a valid licence when Em Client loaded (see attached files).  I have a red exclamation mark by my inbox which I think means I cannot download emails from the server.  So how am I to get email support?  Below is what I see when I follow the steps to Activate the software.

Please send replies to <[email protected]>


I went through the “lost key” steps from the website, but that just asked me to enter my email. but again, since I am not connected to the server, I do not see how that will help.


Hi Matt,
I see that yuor account is under a gmail address, you should be able to check your mail without eM Client through the webmail interface- https://mail.google.com
If you cannot for any reason do so, I can change the email under which your address is registered so the reset email with your activation key is sent to your other account, so please let me know.


Hello everyone

i have the same problem. after 6  months of use and after the last update the em cliebnt stop working

please help to support and reactivate the email client.

thank you 

I have the same problem as the others.  This occurs almost (?) every time I stop/start the software.   As, fortunately, I saved my license key this is for me mostly an annoyance.  However I have the same issue with the non-tech-literate girlfriend’s installation and were she to see this on her own she would probably have a meltdown.  A real resolution is very much wanted.

Also have the same problem. 

I pay for two licenses and all of a sudden my home PC is saying that I don’t have a valid license any more. Can you help? I am getting a message saying that my license has reached the maximum number of activated installations. I can’t send or receive email at the moment from this computer.

And pro support is not answering submitted tickets which is very frustrating!