eM Client doesn’t load old messages

I’ve just installed eM Client 7.2.35595.0 and connected an existing IMAP account with 5000+ messages to it. But eM Client doesn’t load any of these messages, it only receives messages that were sent after its installation. Restarting the software doesn’t help: it gets new incoming messages properly, but doesn’t get any of previous messages. The same is happening with SMTP server: there are several thousands of previously sent messages in my account, but eM Client doesn’t show any of them. It allows composing and sending new emails properly, though.

How to make eM Client load my old messages, both received and sent?

If you login to that email account using the web interface for your email provider, can you see the Inbox and Sent messages that are missing?

Yes, I see all these thousands of emails in the web interface, as well as in other standalone clients like Thunderbird.

And in eM Client, the account is setup as IMAP, not POP3?

Who is your email provider?

The account is setup as IMAP, and I don’t even see an option for any other incoming account type in eM Client’s settings. My provider is Gmail, and I use an organizational account.

Yes, eM Client will setup GMail or Google hosted accounts as IMAP.

Unfortunately I can’t offer any help with that provider. Hopefully someone else may comment further.

make sure you sync enabled and wait for it to sync