EM client does not work with company GMail

Download and startup is OK. But then fails with Authentication Error on company Gmail account, even though my company Gmail details are correct. Tried following GMail instructions about SMTP and IMAP but still no worky.
If I can find a good client that works for GMail my company will buy it.
We were using Outlook but the search no longer works.

Hello Milton,

EM Client works on 100% with Gmail account, it only has a minor issue with their Auth settings. Did you try disabling the Two-step authentication in Google account settings? Then you can add the account and turn it back on. I hope this will help your issue.


Two step is off. I will tr again tomorra

Hi, I am new to EM and had the same issue Milton comments. As I cannot disable Two-Step due to company policies, I decided to delete account (firstly imported from Outlook) and recreate it manually. This worked for me. Excellent.