eM Client does not work as standard client / Win 8.1

Unfortunately, eM Client doesn’t fully function as the Default or Standard application for mail under Windows 8.1.

I already set up eMClient as the Standard application for Email. mailto-lionks do work fine. However, the send to function in Windows and the send function in other Office programs such as OneNote do noit function with eM Client.

I noticed that Outlook will be granted 12 entries when opted as Standard application. EM Client only has four entries.

I tried to manually fix the registry. Nothing works. Even creating a new “send to” shell only opens eM Client,but doesn’t open a new mail with the selected attachment.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Apart from the Problem, I really like the application. Especially the calender including CalDav…

Thanks for your help…

Hi Jan, do you have both .NET framework 2 and 4 installed on your computer? Some users who have reported a similar issue have been missing their .NET 2 installation, and were able to use the function properly after installing.

Hope this helps,