eM Client Does Not support Hyperlinking within email message

eM Client does not appear to support hyperlinks within emails. For instance, a link within an email message that directs you further down the email (not external links) does not work.

I have provided a link to a sample email that has this issue. the text in red are links within the email.


We are aware of it. It has already been fixed - the fix will be included in the next update.

Thank you for the quick reply. Any ETA on the update?

It should be released in few weeks.

That was 4 months ago and it still does not seem to work :frowning: any news?

In current 6th version beta this works without any problems.


I’m using version 6.0 and this still does not work.  What can you tell me?

Hi, can you please tell me the exact version you’re currently using (Help > About)?
Could you also make a screenshot of this issue?

Thank you,