Em Client does not send e-mails with attachments anymore

Hi. I can’t send e-mails with attachments anymore. Em Client shows the message: “sending e-mail”, but the messages get stuck and they are not sent. I use only Yahoo mail. My OS is Windows 7 professional. Thanks in advance.

I have problems sending attachments above a few kb, NONE of the questions on this forum for this issue have been answered!!!

Yes, Gareth, i can see it.

emClient have, by the way,  a lot of very old bugs unsolved, and frequently the answers here are insufficient or inexistent, because the developers themselves don ́t know how to solve them. It’s unbelievable.  

Hey Gareth,

I have the same problem here, among others. I was testing eM client free to see if I shall buy it but seems like it did not pass the test and I will have to go back to the f*** Outlook.

That was the solution in the end, Outlook, as emclient will not give support on that issue unless you are a paid customer.

Hmmm … so do I have to pay and pray that they have a solution? Did you become a paid customer and was the problem solved?

I did not know that the Outlook application was free and came with free support.

The idea is that as a Pro License holder, you are entitled to VIP support from the developers for any issues you may have. I don’t think that just because you paid for a license, your issues will be solved. Nor do I think the developers are withholding solutions from free license users, although there is not much input in this forum from them.

No its not free but it worked.

Never had the problem solved, as didn’t pay for it, if the free version doesnt work, which is essentially why would you pay for support, if it does not work in the first place. It used to work and then stopped working, so seems to be an issue that just came up, not sure if everyone has the same issue.

Either way you end up paying for something. :slight_smile:

But as your problem was some time back, have you tried with the latest version of eM Client to see if the problem is still there?

The problem has been happening for the last two weeks. Comes and goes. Sometimes sends the same e-mail 50 or more times (yesterday a customer of mine received 112 e-mails from me). There are other issues as well …

Is this the same problem?

Or this one?