eM client does not close gracefully on shutdown

Since I did a major version upgrade (am now on 8.2.1659 ), the client doesn’t know how to close gracefully on shutdown, resulting in database check next time I start it, which is REALLY annoying.

It was not an issue with the older version (can’t remember what I was on), and by the looks of it it’s bug which seems to crop in just about every version.

I know it’s not a large stability issue or whatever, but it’s still a large user annoyance, so would appreciate it being fixed (as a paying client).


Can you try something please:

Close eM Client using Menu > Exit.
Open Windows Task Manger and confirm it is closed.

Restart Windows.
Start eM Client.

What is the result?

Starts w/o any issues, 5-10 secs.

Apologies that my original post come across as pretty p-off, but I was, because I have a large email DB, so the checking takes literally minutes.