em client desktop updated to icewarp client desktop---now em client activation key does not work

license issue: Hi I have an em client desktop license which is good until 11/2014. recently I did an update of the em client desktop and for some reason it downloaded an icewarp desktop program. now I am getting a message that my license is expiring in 2 days. I tried the activation key I received with my em client desktop, but it does not work with icewarp. when I go to your emclient.com website and download the free em client from the download page, I get a message that a later version is already installed and setup discontinues. sorry if this question has already been answered. I can’t seem to find it using your search engine.

if you switched to Iceward Desktop Client you have to contact Ice Warp support to deal with this, unfortunately I’m helpless with this issue.

Thank you for understanding,

sorry if this sounds dumb, but I went to do an update of em client and was only given the option to get to icewarp. I did not realize that the two programs are not related.

is there a way to get back to em client desktop.

I can’t download your free version.

I get a message that a later version is already installed and setup discontinues.

Hi, eM client and IceWarp desktop client are two different applications so if you receive this error you also have eM Client installed, but a later version thatn what you’re trying to install (which is possible if you’ve been using eM Client before).

Unless you’re working for a company that transferred from eM to IWDC, there is no possibility you would get an update from one application to another.

I hope this is understandable,