eM Client deleting my emails!

This is the third time I experienced this anomaly, ill click on a new email I recieved in my inbox and within 1 second of clicking it, it disappears never to be seen again. I look up keywords / headers assosiated with the email which I was able to glimpse before eM Client decided to hide it on em but this returns no resulsts.

Why is Em Client deleting my emails and how do I get them back? 

mine too…started yesterday

This a big issue and bug with the eM Client software, if im loosing critical emails how do you expect this software to be taken seriously? I run my business on this so I cant allow this to happen. Im hoping a mod or dev will update us on this issue. I may be forced to find another client for my business if this persists. 

Its happend again, im able to go back to my mail providers inbox to retrieve the mail normally after eM Client makes it disappear. I run my business on Em Client so if I dont get a response for a solution im switching to another provider.