em client database check every morning.

Good morning 

Every morning, when I arrive in the office, I turn on the computer and warning me of em client database check that the last time the program has not been closed properly. But in the evening I never close em client, I turn off the PC directly from the start. The check always ends successfully (with no errors) and opens the program. It 'annoying because it always puts us five minutes to start up. Is there a way to disable the check?

I really like the way they provide answers!

This is a user forum, so “they” are fellow users who have no obligation but offer comments if they feel they might help.

Anyhow, this issue was caused by the application not closing correctly when Windows was shut down.

Workarounds were offered elsewhere on this forum, and in the past year much improvement has been made to the application to correct this. Could you download and install the latest version available at http://www.emclient.com/release-history and see if there is any improvement?