eM client creates unwanted meeting, AGAIN!

Wow, once again eM client has created a professionally embarrassing situation because of the way it handles calendar events. Someone added me to an existing meeting with 10 other participants. I forwarded the email to someone to let them know about the meeting. What did eM client do when I hit “send” on the email? It created a NEW EVENT with me as the organizer, and sent and email notifying all of the participants about the “new” meeting. No warning that it was going to happen, it just popped the new event onto the calendar. I have every single possible confirmation setting turned on (I want to be asked by the client before things happen). But nope, no notification of creating this event just because I forwarded an email to someone.

I posted a similarly embarrassing situation on this forum last week, where eM client offers an “Add to calendar” button when I receive a forwarded message with an ics/iCal attachment. Rather than simply putting it on my calendar (which is what Outlook does), eM client creates a new event. And yep, it sends an email to every.single.participant to notify them of this unwanted new event that has just been created. The eM forum admins have unlisted that issue, seemingly because they don’t want other users or potential users to know this is a serious problem with their product.

There’s a reason I looked for an Outlook alternative. It’s a clunky interface and it doesn’t have a global inbox. But if the choice is between professional egg on my face like this or an ugly inbox, I’ll take the ugly inbox every time.

If you send an email to someone, eM Client will not create an event from that. That is just not possible. It may be possible though that your email provider automatically creates these events for you in the calendar if you are sent an ics file. Check with them about that.

If you create an event, by importing an ics that has participants, then you will be the organiser, and invitations will be sent by your calendar server to the participants.

I think that the best solution though, as you said you had recently purchased a Pro license, is to open a support ticket with us. You can do that here: https://support.emclient.com

That way we can investigate the scenario and see what is happening.