eM Client crashing

Recently eM client v7 started to crash. It goes through the checking process when re launching the app and crashes immediately again.

I have re-installed v6 leaving the eM client folder intact in AppData but the problem persists.

I have noticed that deleting the file check_db.txt after a crash (even though it is blank) allows the application to start. After this the last time it worked normally for days.

But if I receive a meeting request email the application crashes again and will keep crashing when attempting to open it.

My guess would be that the crashes are related somehow to the calendar. 

Found that the client is running multple times (about 10x).
Maybe the automatic recovery works when its only loaded once.

No multiple instances in my case.

Update. I managed to export all emails in eml format then uninstalled em client and deleted the em client folder in AppData. I then reinstalled and imported the previously exported eml emails.

Worked for a while and then crashed again.

I think I’m at the end of the road. I like em client and will keep using it on my other W10 PC (no crashes there) but on the crashing PC I think it’s time for a different product.