em client crashing frequently

randomly the client completely crashes when trying to create new email, file away an email, delete an email. Doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, it will just suddenly crash.  When I attempt to re-open the program, sometimes it will immediately start, other times it will go through the corruption scan which will take hours to complete if it ever does (ive let it run overnight and never finish), and other times it will not reopen at all until i restart my computer.  I have em client version 7.1.31849.0

Any one else having these issues! Any suggestions on how to fix?

Sounds like maybe you have a corrupt database.  Unless you have a known good backup, you probably will have to recreate the database.  If you are using IMAP or Exchange this should not be a problem, as it will re-sync.  Do this:

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Change the name of the following directory:
c:\users[user_name]\Appdata\Roaming\eM Client
to eM Client-old
(note:this is a hidden directory, so make sure you have windows explorer set to show hidden files)
3.  Restart eM Client.  This will create a new, blank database.
4.  Reenter your account information.

Your account should re-synchronize.