eM Client crashes whenever I try to print

I am using latest free version of eM Client 7.1.31849.0
Windows Vista
Printer HP photosmart 7762 via USB cable.
Whenever I try to print an email eM Client immediately crashes and disappears with no error message.
Everything else in eM Client is fine and printing from Word is fine.

That problem was solved in early versions of Windows 8 by updating the operating system. You could try that.

I don’t know what version of MS .NET Framework was with Vista, but updating that might help. I think the minimum requirement for eM Client is 2.0 but that may have changed.

Another option is to try printing using the system dialogue and see if that is any different.

Also, the latest update to eM Client is 7.1.32088.0, and is available to download at http://www.emclient.com/release-history. I don’t think there was anything done recently to do with printing, but you could download and install that and see if there is a difference.

Hi Gary. Thank you very much for your very helpful reply which came so quickly.
I have updated to version 7.1.32088.0. I checked MS .NET version and updated it, it was 4.0.
I can’t do the print system dialogue for as soon as I click ‘Print’ in the Menu, File, Print then eM Client immediately crashes before I can select any options.
I don’t want to upgrade this old HP-G70 laptop beyond Vista so I will probably just leave it for now and copy/paste emails to Word to print until I get a new laptop on Windows10.
I have probably done something in the OS setup when I was tweaking to reduce memory overheads, as printing did work before. I am a bit out of my depth here and just posted to see if anyone had the same issue and had found an easy fix.
Thanks again and best regards, Andrew