EM Client Crashes When Deleting Email or Emptying Trash

I recently downloaded and am trying EM Client. Ver 8.2.1473 (04b618f). It sometimes crashes when I try and delete an email from an account or empty the trash from an account. Not always, but sometimes. When it happens EM Client crashes and closes. When I restart EM Client I get the message that EM Client didn’t close properly and the program checks the integrity of the files which has proceeded OK. This unexpected crashing is unnerving and has me questioning the stability of EM Client. I generally like EM Client a lot as I work with it but I have to get this intermittent crashing to stop. I am using the current version of Windows 10. I am using gmail as my email server and using POP3. Periodically I get the little red triangle when downloading email but usually is fine on a retry. Anyway, I need the occasional crashing when deleting or emptying trash to stop happening. Thank you.

Just thought I would provide an update. I downloaded the latest version of EM Client. Sometimes I get the little red triangle that indicates a problem connecting. It eventually goes away if I keep retrying. However, some of my new emails disappeared from EM Client! Fortunately they were still on the GMail server.

I like the EM Client interface, and if EM Client were reliable then I would choose it as my email program. However, I am a user and I am not going to spend the troubleshooting time and frustrations in trying to get a buggy and unstable program to work. My email is important and I can’t have them disappearing! If you ever fix the various problems with this program then I am happy to reconsider, but for now I am deleting EM Client from my computer and going elsewhere. It’s promising but too buggy and frustrating to bother with. Sorry.

I am going to eat a little crow here. I uninstalled EM Client. I had windows check all my windows 10 files. It repaired a few. I installed EM Client again from a fresh download. I am using Gmail as my email server and I have Gmail configured as POP3 and no IMAP. I had tried a number of configurations for EMC to interact with my Gmail account (such as App Passwords since I have 2 factor authentication turned on for my Google accounts). However, I have found that, for me, using Gmail POP3 and EMC configured for POP works best for me when EMC and my Gmail account use OAuth2 authentication. I have had no problems with EMC since cleaning up Windows 10 and configuring EMC/Gmail as I described. So far, I really like EMC. So, I may have been a little too critical of EMC. I am hoping that it will now be a stable and reliable platform because I really like its features and it is quite intuitive for me. I will know over the next few weeks.

I was reading this on my phone earlier and I thought you said “I am going to eat a little cow here”.

So I thought - each to his own, but I don’t really get the connection.

Now on my desktop I see I read it wrong. :rofl:

I am happy that everything worked out for you.

Cow tastes better than crow but it raises my cholesterol. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying EM Client. I am having no issues now (which were probably my fault or my computer’s - yeah I will blame the machine). It is much more straightforward then my previous email software and a cleaner interface.